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Kirth Bobb

Kirth Bobb - Old man in Havana.jpg

Kirth Bobb is an award-winning photographer and teacher whose work illustrates the synchrony of life and spans several photography genres, including portraiture, street photography, weddings, and fine art.

Kirth's Afro-Guyanese upbringing heavily influences his work. The diverse, bright, and vivid colors and cultural landscapes of Guyana shapes his photography.  Growing up, Kirth's grandmother always told him, "There's an art to everything," and ever since, he's worked to highlight the joys, sorrows, beauty, and humor that form the artistic tapestry of everyday life.

His photography inspires people to broaden their perspectives about places and communities they may be unfamiliar with and encourages an appreciation of the beauty in the subtle, familiar, and mundane
aspects of everyday life.  

Kirth is a FujiFilm X Photographer, and his photographs have been published in several major publications, including The New York Times, Washington Post, and The Huffington Post, and featured in several exhibitions across Europe, The Caribbean, and The Americas.

Kirth has also collaborated with brands such as Apple, Adobe and Framebridge.


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